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« am: 14.11.2016, 18:59:08 Nachmittag »
So, nun ist es so weit. Nach über 2 Jahren ist nun die neue wxBasic Version vom Aug./Nov. 2016 erschienen.
Sie basiert zwar immer noch auf wxWidgets 2.8, allerdings sind schon einige Dinge aus der 3-er Version eingeflossen. Wenn alles klappt, dann wird die nächste Version auf wxWidgets 3 basieren. Ralf arbeitet schon fleißig daran.   ;D
Die Version ist für Windows, Linux uns Mac verfügbar. Für Windows gibt es eine 32 und eine 64 bit Variante.

Well, now it's time. After over 2 years is now  published the new wxBasic version from Aug./Nov. 2016.
It is still based on wxWidgets 2.8, but some things from the version 3 have already been used. If everything works out, then the next version is based on wxWidgets 3. Ralf is already working hard on this.  ;D
The version is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. For Windows, there is a 32 and a 64 bit variant.


Hier das Changelog seit der letzten Veröffentlichung:
Here the changelog since the last release:

Zitat (Aug./Nov. 2016)
    chmod command added
    on macOS w/o starting parameters an open dialog is shown
    latest Version of wxEditor (4.1.9) added to windows setups (Apr. 2016)
    BUGFIX: wxAutomationObject_variant in 64bit mode
    Wrapper: wxGrid: XYToCell, GetRowLabelAlignment, GetColLabelAlignment, GetDefaultCellAlignment, GetCellAlignment, GetCellSize
    Dump to wxTextOutputStream in wxRichTextObject, wxRichTextCompositeObject, wxRichTextPlainText, wxRichTextBuffer
    Wrapper: wxDatePickerCtrlBase_GetRange
    wxPageSetupDialogData ctors added (Aug. 2015)
    use Visual Studio 2013 Express Edition with Platformtoolset v120 (instead of 7.1)
    BUGFIX: in wxReportWriter for Unicode and wx3.0
    start compatibility with wx3.0
    version numbers moved from shared.h to shared.c (compile time issue)
    added: wxGraphicsContext, wxGLCanvas (OpenGL)
    modified: wxSound
    BUGFIX: CDbEngine::Field() float column with . instead of any other char and ignoring precision (Nov. 2014)
    wxDatabaseLayer enhanced (database cursors functionality, dbms infos and some utf-8 conversion problems fixed)
    wxDb replaced by wxDatabaseLayer (just supporting ODBC, Sqlite)
    compatibility and enhance layers (wxDbEngine/wxDbRecordset) updated (Jul. 2014)
    BUGFIX: free up memory w/o deallocate or with direct call to destructor via ~obj
    wxBase + wxNet + wxXml revised
    wxbc - added a "Console Version of wxBasic" just with wxBase + wxNet + wxXml parts of wxWidgets
    Added: wxSimpleHtmlListBox
    Added: wxHtmlCellEvent
    Enhanced: wxBitmap, wxMask, wxRegion; be careful with wxRegion::Subtract, para has changed!
    samples has line-feed as line ending, some fixes for linux and OS X
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