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wxEditor 4.2.0
« am: 18.05.2020, 20:15:46 Nachmittag »
wxEditor 4.2.0 veröffentlicht


  - now use classes to handle some functions
  - remove unnecessary or false commands in reference file
  - remove dsmPlayer Toolbar
  - add: change editor default font in "Options" - "Fonts" dialog
  - add: "--t" parameter in lexer options,
    start the program with a stopwatch, get the running time after end process
  - add: alias names in reference file such as colour/color or center/centre
  - add: update code structure when saving a file
  - add: add own classes to the autocompletion list, need reload the reference file
  - add: option to show members from all parent classes in members list of a class
  - add: add classes from included files to the autocompletion list
  - add: jump to a function or include file while holding the ctrl key and click the left mouse button on the function
  - add: autocomplete also for closed commands, e.g. when writing "try" an "end try" is inserted in the next line
  - change: better search for classes for the class info calltip
  - change: Insert ASCII now use wxSymbolPickerDialog
  - change: "Replace Icon" in run menu not compress the executable automatically
  - change: use indicators for errors, search results and brace highlight
  - change: up to 250% zoom in view menu
  - change: bind 32 or 64 bit variants, the interpreter must have the name wxbasic32.exe or wxbasic64.exe in MSW
  - change: update lexer files
  - change: update upx.exe
  - change: update wxWidgets chm file, so the download is bigger
  - fix: close file preview bug
  - fix: bug in drag notebook tabs
  - fix: show calltip and brace handling in classes
  - fix: bug in file history
  - fix: bug in goto error